Splash – Poetry

My dad loved poetry, little ditties my mom didn’t approve of. He also loved to quote good poetry especially Edgar Allen Poe and others. When he went to school in the teens and 20’s they must have had the students memorize a lot of poetry as he could still quote pieces in his 70’s word for word. Mom hated some especially the ones they made up in North Africa, Sicily and Italy in WW2. She would yell, ” Bill Crites that boy will grow up remembering that junk!” Yes mom I did. Dirty Gertie from Bizerte was a good one.

When I started to write poetry it was always the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. I started writing in my 20’s which was awhile ago. It seemed to clear my mind and helped me sleep. Over the years I’ve written a lot for different occasions. I hope I’ve helped someone to get in touch with things that go on in life and with death through the years. Click the Read More button below to continue on to the poetry. Thanks.