A Very Cold Day

One of my fondest memories with my two younger sons happened a bitterly cold, snowy day. We had a free day to do anything we wanted together, which was a rare occasion. There was always work, mother railroad was always calling me away or these two boys had a sport to practice or a game to play. When neither one of those things were happening there was always school for the two of them. But this day we could all go someplace together. It was freezing cold with the north wind blowing, but…

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Old days

When I think back about growing up times have certainly changed. Just a few random thoughts.

Outdoor toliet was the facility in winter and in summer. The pump house was at least 75 to 100 yards from the house and we carried pails of water winter and summer. My kids were always told that is why my arms are so long from carrying water from the pump house to the house.

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A Good Deed is not Forgotten..

We had some characters on the Prairie when I was growing up. One in particular lived to the east and a little to the south of us. My Dad had been telling about this individual but apparently I hadn’t listened too well or had thought he was just pulling my leg. He was always telling me something to see how I would react, I think he didn’t want me to grow up believing everything someone said…

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