Another Pig Tale..

My friend Billy in Alabama says he loves a good pig story and so do I.

I worked on the old Railroad for 30 some years and one early morning at around 4am in the switch shanty the conversation went like this: Teddy C. my engineer says:

“Do any of you smart Rails know anything about castrating pigs?”

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Old days

When I think back about growing up times have certainly changed. Just a few random thoughts.

Outdoor toliet was the facility in winter and in summer. The pump house was at least 75 to 100 yards from the house and we carried pails of water winter and summer. My kids were always told that is why my arms are so long from carrying water from the pump house to the house.

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Reflecting on all the Good

When I look back over my life I’m totally amazed by all the good things that have happened along the way.

I don’t attribute this to anything I have done or deserve.

I have had many people believe in me when I couldn’t believe in myself…

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Hurry, hurry, hurry, oops too late…

I was always in a hurry it seemed.

Always trying to catch up or do things that should have been done yesterday.

My Dad said I always worked like I was killing snakes, I said I had good teachers.

One particular day I was in a big hurry and needed to clean out my pickup so I could…

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Remembering… I “member that”…

When I think about my early life and how to describe it I’m reminded of my daughter when she was small, if you asked her if she remembered something she would reply ” I member that”. Well I like to “member that” too. The sights and sounds of my early years are…

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