Bald Spot Rub

When my kids were younger, they would go by me when I was sitting down at my chair and rub my then smaller bald spot. I would warn them that I had pulled the same stunt many times on my dear old Dad. He would always say the same thing, “Your  day will come, your day will come.”

Young fellow with hair, Science was on his side, he thought.

I would laugh and laugh as my hair was long and being the smart intelligent boy I was I knew that science was on my side. I was awake in science class that particular day when Mr. Hendrickson had informed us that our hair gene came from our Mother’s side of the family. My mother’s people all had quite a bit of hair till the day that they died. It might have been gray or white but they almost to a man had some hair. So being safe from this malady I laughed and teased. I was a modern boy and the great god science was on my side. I kept rubbing his head and laughing as if I didn’t have a care in the world.

My Dad who had his head rubbed more than once

Well by now you have guessed as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story. At age 26 I can remember taking my hat off on the Railroad one afternoon and lo and behold a nasty mosquito bit me on the top of my head. My hair had started it’s retreat. Sadly to say at age 62 it’s still retreating.

The moral to this sad tale is don’t under any circumstances rub your old Dad’s head and laugh at his bald spot. You are not exempt, science lies. I my friends am living proof.


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