Chocolate Brown Dog

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life is adopting a dog. I decided to stop at our local vet one day and asked if they knew anyone who had a small, adult dog for adoption. The vet only hesitated a bit and told his assistant to go get Chocolate out of the back. When I first saw her I was a little disappointed account she was a bit bigger than I was looking for. I’d sat down in a chair and she came over got on her hind legs and put her paws on my thigh, then she looked at me with her big brown eyes. My heart melted, but I said I’d have to go and check with my wife to see if she wanted another dog. I left and drove half of the 30 miles for home and turned around.

When I got home I put Chocolate in the house and said “Here’s your new dog.” I went immediately to the garage.

When we got Chocolate Brown Dog the vet said she was about 5 or 6 years old. She was with us for 10 years and what a good dog she was. I was so intrigued by her I wanted to know what kind of dog she was. I invested in a DNA test for $59.95 and eagerly waited for the results. You send 2 swabs inĀ  with saliva from their mouth. When it came back the dominant breed was “Saint Bernard!!!” I got on the phone and explained there must be a mistake because this was no St. Bernard. They said we will retest the other swab. It came back the same. Save your money. I know what I think she was, what do you think?

Separated at birth. Clearly.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard image compliments of Flickr

What I know for sure I’m very grateful for 10 years with her.

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  1. Billy Collins says:

    I love this dog. So sorry to hear she is gone. Believe it or not my childhood dog died 08/08/1968/ Sad day but I remember her well. She is waiting for me on the other side as we speak.
    I can see us now me riding my bike and her taggin along. What some great memories.
    thanks for your blog. So happy to read it.
    Take care my Brother
    Your Alabama friend. Billy

  2. Carla Johnson says:

    Russ, I remember you and Mary Pat telling me the story of the DNA testing when you were here visiting at my house. I would say that Chocolate looks like a mixture of Dachsund and Cocker Spaniel. That’s my opinion for sure, but St. Bernard? I don’t think so.

  3. Sue Bliss Roach says:

    I’m sort of with Carla on this one – definitely some Doxie – and maybe Spaniel – but her hair also looks like Peke or Shih Tzu……. anyway – I would just say ADORABLE and RESCUED!!!! Good story….

  4. Michelle Coyle says:

    So glad to see this right now as I am grieving the recent’loss’ (I know I will see her again )of my own dog,.Maggie. . Even for all of the pain I feel today, I would not trade one memory with my dog, Maggie-she really blessed my Life. Thankyou again so much for sharing this. .

  5. Delonna Malone says:

    What a neat story Russ. The greatest part is you gave that dog a loving home!

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