Christmas Past

Russ Crites and Sisters - Christmas, 1951

2 of my 5 mothers 1951 (sisters)

Thinking today about Christmas Past. Looking at these old pictures brings back some real good memories. Of course I don’t remember the 1951 Christmas, but I do the 1959 picture with my Dad. Looks like a very happy boy in that picture.

You know Christmas was always very special and I was always happy at that age and for some years after that. Then came some Christmas’s that weren’t very happy and I lost the spirit of Christmas along the way. It got so bad that I used to dread Christmas coming along when I was a young man in my 20’s.

Russ and Bill Crites - Christmas 1959

Happy Boy and his Dad – 1959

When I married Mary Pat she loved Christmas so much and made it so enjoyable. I came around gradually and now as I look at that 8 year old boy in the picture I know how he feels again. It is just wonderful to have family and friends around this time of year and I thank the Good Lord I can smile like that 8 year old boy again this time of year. It is a time not to expect gifts but a time to be thankful for all the blessings that have come to me in the past 62 years and to be overwhelmed by the goodness of my God.

Thanks to all who read this blog, these random thoughts that I put down, are just fragments of my past and I’m glad to share them with you. I had a lot to learn along the way and one of the best lessons I learned is that we have not screwed up so badly ever that we can’t start again. Glad I can smile today and be glad that Christmas is here like that 8 year old boy.

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