Feelings are deep and many and many colored-  They are part of me-  They

tie me to the eternal-  yet they make me unmistakably human.


To feel is to live-  to hide and repress is to die-  It hurts

to feel,  but it is better to hurt forever than to die not feeling at all



Russell B. Crites   11/10/76


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  1. Slim says:

    One of my first efforts a long time ago. Written during a period of my life when there was a lot of pain.. Looking back it was surely a time I needed to experience to get to where I am today. I wasn’t happy about the pain then, but I’m grateful today it got me here.

  2. tom says:

    Did not think I would feel this pain this far along in life. Probably would not have been able to accept it earlier.
    Pleased to meet you, Thank you!my name is tom just spent the coldest winter in New EnglNds history unemployed, outside an @55 it brought about many feelings.
    Though I’m in and from Boston,Ive always felt closer to places like Montana TOM

    • Slim says:

      Your comments are important, I’m just sorry I didn’t see them for a very long time. Hope you are OK ..

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