Friends forgotten for awhile…

The past likes to creep up on you, some good some bad memories. It’s always there in your mind. Someplace in a cupboard you don’t usually open or have forgotten in a box buried in the garage or the attic covered with dust, but always there. Someone, someplace you have not thought of in years and all of a sudden it pops up.

I had this happen not too long ago. I had not thought of this individual for quite some time. A mutual friend just mentioned him in passing and my thoughts took off. I had not heard of this friend in many years. I became real interested and tried several times to find him through the internet to no avail. I even went so far as to call one of the people on the internet search to see if he was the individual I was searching for. No response to my message left on the phone.

About a month ago I tried again on an internet search. Much to my dismay I discovered my old friend had passed away this year on ST. Patrick’s Day. I sat and cried for a lot of reasons. One I had lost contact with a dear friend, now never to be in contact again. The biggest reason was my feeling of why had I waited that long to try and find where my dear friend had disappeared to.

Ron H., a good and true friend

Ron H., a good and true friend

Let me tell you that I would not be here today if it weren’t for friends like Ron H. He listened to me about 1 million times when I needed someone desperately to listen. He was there in the good times and the bad always with an empathy that was unmatched. He had studied to be a Priest and decided that wasn’t for him. I came to know him in a really low period of my life and he was a Godsend to me.

One day he just left, I guess I had gotten busy with raising kids and working. I don’t know, but before I knew it years had passed. Now he is gone and I feel an emptiness. I hope I learned something from this. If you have a dear friend that means something to you please see how they are today, don’t put it off any longer..

Take care in Heaven my good friend, I know there is a special place for people like you Ron H.

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