Friends forgotten for awhile…

The past likes to creep up on you, some good some bad memories. It’s always there in your mind. Someplace in a cupboard you don’t usually open or have forgotten in a box buried in the garage or the attic covered with dust, but always there. Someone, someplace you have not thought of in years and all of a sudden it pops up.

I had this happen not too long ago. I had not thought of this individual for quite some time. A mutual friend just mentioned him in passing and my thoughts took off. I had not heard of this friend in many years. I became real interested and tried several times to find him through the internet to no avail. I even went so far as to call one of the people on the internet search to see if he was the individual I was searching for. No response to my message left on the phone.

About a month ago I tried again on an internet search. Much to my dismay I discovered my old friend had passed away this year on ST. Patrick’s Day. I sat and cried for a lot of reasons. One I had lost contact with a dear friend, now never to be in contact again. The biggest reason was my feeling of why had I waited that long to try and find where my dear friend had disappeared to.

Ron H., a good and true friend

Ron H., a good and true friend

Let me tell you that I would not be here today if it weren’t for friends like Ron H. He listened to me about 1 million times when I needed someone desperately to listen. He was there in the good times and the bad always with an empathy that was unmatched. He had studied to be a Priest and decided that wasn’t for him. I came to know him in a really low period of my life and he was a Godsend to me.

One day he just left, I guess I had gotten busy with raising kids and working. I don’t know, but before I knew it years had passed. Now he is gone and I feel an emptiness. I hope I learned something from this. If you have a dear friend that means something to you please see how they are today, don’t put it off any longer..

Take care in Heaven my good friend, I know there is a special place for people like you Ron H.

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  1. Diane F. Smith says:

    Interesting. The same thing happened to me this year.
    For some reason, I got to thinking and remembering an old friend of mine from college, in the 50’s. He had married my college room mate, and due to the hurry scurry life growing up and out; working and raising a family, our friendship just slipped away.
    I started trying to track him down. Months passed to no avail of finding a trace of him. I sent emails to every place that his name had come up in my searches, still with no trace showing up.
    Out of the blue, in Feb. I got a card from the Merchant Marine roster, telling me that Arlie had passed away the week before !
    I felt so bad, that I hadn’t tried harder to find him, earlier in time.
    Now, I will never get to tell him how much I loved and enjoyed knowing him through our lives.
    So, please, if you have someone in your past that you would love to reconnect with, don’t put it off. Do it now, before it’s too late.
    Rest in Peace, my dear friend Arlie. I smile now, just remembering your crazy little “Poops”, that you always said when we met.
    Thanks, Russ for listening my ramblings.
    ( I remember your sister from school in Dodson ).

    • Slim says:

      Thank you Diane glad you stopped by. Friends are a precious part of our lives.

  2. Billy Collins says:

    This blog lit my fire!! I called my dearest friend who is now blind.
    It had been a while. Thanks for this.
    Your Alabama Friend

  3. Susan Bliss says:

    I can relate to this also, only mine were two teachers that I wish I had had the chance to tell them how they influenced and shaped my life. I too believe that if there is someone in your life – from the past or present – tell them how much you care because life can change in the blink of an eye. Thanks again, Russ.

  4. Slim says:

    Thanks for your comments Susan and Billy, I really try to say what needs to be said to people. Hope I can remember to do this always.

    • Michelle Coyle says:

      Your message struck a chord in me..I have a few good friends I haven’t been in touch with in a while -Partly because I can’t find them! I’ll keep looking. .Thankyou for sharing!

  5. Slim says:

    Thanks Michelle for your comment. Yes these friends are so important in our lives. They are a big part of who I am today. It’s easy to lose touch with our fast paced world.

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