Good People Make a Difference

When I was young and very foolish I got kicked out of High School and moved 100 miles from my home to live with my sister Astrid and her family. To be honest I was suspended from school for 3 days and it was decided that I should go to my sister’s home. This was my Junior year in High School and it was just the start of Basketball season. I missed the rest of Basketball because my folks did not move with me so I couldn’t participate in my new school’s Basketball program because of the Montana State High School rules.

I was very hateful and bitter. I loved Basketball more than life itself and to watch my new classmates go to practice and play games that I couldn’t participate in I was very resentful. It took years to realize that I was to blame for all of this situation and there was no one, absolutely no one to blame but myself. At that time I was mad at the world and all the people in it. I blamed everyone for my problems when it had been me and my temper who had gotten me into this jam in the first place.

Russell Crites at 17 - Montana Musings

Looks like he’s got everything figured out at 17..not so fast buck-oo

Part of my problem when I went to my new school was that they didn’t offer Chemistry that particular year and I’d already invested about a third of a year in this course. This added to my bitterness and bad feeling. I don’t know if my new High School talked to my old High School or if my Chemistry teacher just saw a need and filled it. Mr. Russell Hendrickson, my chemistry teacher, volunteered to send me my lessons and have someone in my new High School administer the tests. I finished the year in Chemistry and got an A-.  He surely didn’t have to do this, I certainly didn’t deserve it after what me and my temper had pulled when I left. I felt some gratitude then, but now as I look back I’m overwhelmed with gratitude because of your kindness to a lost soul, Mr. Hendrickson. My life is scattered with great people and this fine man and teacher sure as hell made a difference in mine. Thank you, sir, may you Rest In Peace. There is no doubt in my mind that the good Lord welcomed you home.


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