Grandpa Crites Absent but there

Both my Grandpa’s were dead by the time I was born. I never knew either one of them. My Mom’s Dad was Grandpa Light. Floyd Light or Bud to his family and friends. Now there is another story for another time.. Yes I said Bud Light, long before the beer brand. The story today is about my other Grandpa Jonathan Robert Crites or Jont as his family called him. He had a brother John and yes his name was Jonathan, guess they ran out of names.

Having seen neither Grandpa or having them die before I was born didn’t stop me from having a great relationship with my Grandpa Jont. Some boys have imaginary friends and playmates, mine was my ol’ Grandpa Crites. Dad said I always was going hunting and fishing with my Grandpa Jont.

Russ Crites as a little boy with a dog and a vivid imagination

Little Boy with a vivid imagination

Me and Grandpa did a lot of things together. You must understand that I spent a lot of time by myself when I was young. I always felt this connection with Grandpa Crites. I think it bothered my Dad a little as he was raised by his Ma after he was 5.

It’s a fascinating thing to wonder where children get their imaginary friends and in my case my ol’ Grandpa. Here is a picture of him and me.

Grandpa Jont Crites

Grandpa Jont

Russ Crites dressed up in period clothes

Russ channeling Grandpa Jont

I dressed in period clothes for the picture, I was a little younger maybe than he when the picture was taken. My imaginary Grandpa always said I should have the moustache. Who’s to say that he didn’t talk to me and help me along? Maybe he┬ámade up for lost time with my Dad, who knows.

Anyway I’m grateful I’m still around so my Grandkids don’t have to make me up.

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