Hogs and Chickens

Being raised 16 miles from the nearest town and with both of my parents being in their 40’s when I was born I learned from an older generation which I’m very grateful for. Two of my sisters were there when I was young, but since my parents worked all the time on our little farm/ranch and my sisters had their own things to do  I learned from an early age to entertain myself. My main playmates besides the dog and the outside cats were the pigs and the chickens.

Grandpa Bud Light and his pigs

Grandpa Bud with some of his pigs

My favorite game with the pigs was this. I would hide behind a shed or a pig feeder and when the victims came along I would jump out yelling at the top of my lungs and scare the bejezus out of them.. Oh this is magnificent fun… If you have never seen a frightened pig who runs about 15 to 25 yards woofing like a dog then stops suddenly and wheels around still woofing to see what the hell scared them you haven’t lived.. I repeat you have not lived.

We had a breed of pig when I was that  age called a Landrace pig. They are a white pig that had large ears that laid over their little eyes. When the ran woofing and their ears flopping it was a hilarious sight. Many hours were spent tormenting said pigs. My mother and dad would have given me quite a spanking if they had known I was running the fat off our pigs.

A little fellow planning some mischief

My next favorite activity was to chase the chickens and shoot my small bow and arrow with the blunt tips at them. Chickens were fun to torment but the roosters were hateful. They did the chasing of me.. I would run from the evil white red-combed devils and get up on the sloped roof of the chicken coop and heave rocks at the evildoers.. My fun with chickens ended one day when I hit one chicken directly in the eye with my blunt arrow.. I ran screaming to the house my mother quickly killed the poor old hen and dressed it out, then the spanking occurred.. The end of fun for another day of entertainment on the old Prairie.

Russell Crites at the family farm, north of Gildford

Much later thinking about the fun I had in this barnyard

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  1. Arla says:

    One of the times Karen and I got into the most trouble with the folks was when you were really young and we had you riding the pigs. I am not sure how they found out. I know Karen and I would not have told and we were still on the Burfield place so I do not remember you talking much. I think you had nightmares and it must have came out somehow. I know I sure never would have told!!

    • Slim says:

      Well the entertainment started before I even remember with the pigs… Thanks Arla, don’t think I would have told either..

  2. Carl j Donovan says:

    Thanks for all the memories you share here they really warm my heart

  3. Slim says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy Carl.. glad it stirs some memories..

  4. Rod Mebius says:

    I grew up on a small ranch/farm in South Dakota. Yep, we used to pull the same stunts, oh what fun!

    • Slim says:

      Yep Rod we learned to entertain ourselves for sure without video games. Yes it was fun, lots of laughter..

  5. Michelle Coyle says:

    Great stories -from a time before I was alive! I love hearing from you -Thanks for sharing!

  6. Slim says:

    Thanks Michelle keep coming back there are many more stories….

  7. Julia says:

    Love your stories. Reminds me of some of my mother’s stories growing up in Ireland. It seemed to me growing up without all of the luxuriies that we have today was hard but in fact she knew no different. They were the happiest times of her life. So glad I got to experience a little piece of that. No electric and no plumbing! We got our water from the pump down the road.

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