This greeting you see in the title came from one of my favorite aunts who is gone now, Clydene Swinney. She was a large woman with a larger heart. Whenever you came to her house or came to visit her in the retirement home or rest home in later years you would be greeted by “Howdee”.

Clydene Swinney

My Wonderful Aunt Clydene

My aunt was from Enid, Oklahoma and her southern hospitality and warm loving heart will stay with me forever. She was the world’s best cook, sorry mom, and you knew she loved you. I don’t want to ever forget the people who made me who I am today. Thanks aunt Clydene.

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  1. Slim says:

    When the Holidays roll around I always remember all the big meals we had at my Aunt and Uncles house. We boys would have an eating contest and the skinny boy always won.. Me… My Aunt made the best 4 bean salad and when I get to heaven I’m gonna ask her to make me some… I know she is there… Just hope I end up there too…

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