Laughter they say is the best medicine. We need to not take ourselves so seriously and learn to laugh at our shortcomings and mistakes. I can do this sometimes, but I still work at doing this especially taking myself too seriously.

My memory savors the laughter of others. My Uncle Don had the most wonderful laugh, it shook his whole being when he told a good story. He certainly had a wonderful laugh to go with the storytelling. I loved to hear him laugh.

Me and my Uncle Don

Uncle Don lookin’ for a cookie

My friend on the Railroad that is gone now Bill A. had a fabulous laugh too. I can remember one morning on the train after we had been up all night going to Glasgow I told him some stupid joke. He laughed and laughed from his feet to his bald head. He finally fell on the floor of the locomotive from laughing so hard. A beautiful memory.

My Sister Arla has a most beautiful laugh. She can really light up a room with her laugh. Good thing she still around so I can hear it now and then.

How I miss the laughter of friends that have passed on. My good friend Georgie B. had the best laugh. It went hehehe he hehehe. He could really tell a tale and you had to laugh as it was such a great thing to hear him enjoying life so much.

My good friend Georgie B.

Did you ever notice the people we love to be around are the ones that laugh at our jokes and stories, and the ones that make us laugh. Laughter maybe isn’t a cure all, but I think it’s damn close.

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