Lookin Back…

I think it was the Great Satchel Paige who said don’t look back there may be something gaining on you. This guy likes to look back to see where he came from. I like to remember the lessons learned and the especially where I came from and the people who taught me what is important to me today. Here is a few pictures of the ol’ farm/ranch then and now. What did I learn? I learned hard work is a reward unto itself and honesty and straight-forwardness are the best qualities. I learned that simple pleasures are the best and I learned to entertain myself.

I have a lot of memories of this place, of animals both big and small, of chores, of running water that you carried in pails from the pump house to the house. I think of rattle snakes and antelope, porcupines, skunks, hens and roosters. I think of pigs, horses, and cows and calves. I think of sheep and ducks, geese, and tame rabbits.

Chore Time - Montana Musings

Time to do chores..circa 1955/56

I think about outdoor johns, wintery nights at 40 below zero, summer days at 105 above with no air-conditioning and not a breath of air. I think of spring time with the Sweet Grass Hills in the distance, of harvest time with the winter wheat a golden color that can’t be reproduced. I see the sage with it’s greenish/blue hue that only Charlie Russell could paint. I can see the prairie grass and the sage hens. I see the brilliant sunrise and the equally beautiful sunsets. I feel the strength of the prairie wind and the heat of the sun on my face.

Young Cowpoke at the farm circa 1959 - Montana Musings

Young Cowpoke at the farm circa 1963

Mostly I think of the two people who raised me to be what I am today. Yes I respect you Mr. Paige, but looking back is good for one’s soul. I’m glad my memory is crystal clear about this place and when I was raised.

Older Fellow lookin Back..Montana Musings

Older Fellow lookin Back..

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  1. Susan Bliss says:

    This is great, Russ… evokes many memories of my childhood. I have such good memories of growing up in Gildford – the good times and friends. I’m thankful to be able to look back with a smile…sometimes wishing I could live some of the experiences again.

  2. Slim says:

    I’m glad to stir a memory or two..

  3. June Mott says:

    i remember, and miss, the asparagus sprouting in the spring all along the Yellowstone Irrigation Ditch, and taking the children out to pick it. They had so much fun riding down the narrow dirt road at about 1/2 mph, sitting on the hood of the car, jumping down when they saw some lovely stalks of goodness. I miss fishing in the same YID, and never knowing exactly what we were going to catch, but one thing for certain, whatever we caught we were going to clean and eat. waste not, want not. I miss the cottonwood blooming in the spring. It almost replicated the snows in the winter. I miss the green of the sugar beet farms. It seemed like their were miles and miles of green sugar beet plants, and harvest time there were miles and miles of tractors harvesting the crop. Montana has such a plethora of beautiful things, and even though I don’t live there now, I will always carry a part of Montana in my heart.

  4. Michelle Coyle says:

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories. .I love Montana and it will always be my Home. .

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