Me and My Sis

My sister Arla and I used to fight like cats and dogs. When I think about it she is a cat person and I am a dog person, maybe it stems from that? Although my sister Astrid is a cat person and her and I have only had one disagreement in our lives. Now I should clarify that the disagreements my sis Arla and I had were a long time ago when I was young.

Me and my Sis out at the farm

Me and Sis

I remember one time in particular when she was assigned the disagreeable job of babysitting me out on the farm when the folks went to town. As I recall we fought most of the day account I didn’t think she should be able to tell me what to do. When I saw the folks coming home in the afternoon over the south hill I purposely broke a jar of strawberry jam on the floor of the old kitchen and I think I tried to roll in it. When they arrived at the door I was screaming she had thrown it at me and tried to kill me. I’m sure I was trying like the dickens to get her into trouble. I must add truthfully I probably was the most spoiled child in the world, as my mother had always wanted a son, so I’m sure I was the pits to get to do anything.

I am happy to report my sister Arla and I have had no fights or disagreements for the last at least 55 years. I love you sis, and I’m sorry I was such a brat. I asked my oldest sister Astrid for confirmation of being a brat and she just nodded in affirmation. I also asked my cousin John who was 11 years old when I was born, and he confirmed that yes all reports of me being the pits were not exaggerated. Terrible thing to face the truth…. I’m happy to report none of my children are anything like this and I must have used up all the spoiled pills long ago.. I always told people I had 5 mothers, my own and 4 older sisters who all thought they were my mother. Oh well, I survived and all of them at least don’t hold it against me. Good to have sisters and a loving family.

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