Old Cars/Chevys

I love old cars especially old Chevys. Guess I was raised with General Motors products such as Oldsmobiles and Chevrolets. I learned to drive on an old Fordson tractor and the second one I conquered was a Ton and half Chevy truck at the tender age of 6 or 7. The tractor caused so much trouble they took the coil wire off and disconnected the battery as I could start it by myself and run it around the yard.

Me and Chevy, circa 1951

Fordson Tractor - Montana Musings

Me and the Fordson tractor

This love for old cars has followed me to adulthood, as they say the difference between men and boys are the size of their toys. I really enjoy driving the old ones. I don’t have anything that is show ready or totally restored, but I enjoy them as they bring back memories for me and others when they see them.

The ones you see pictured are two 63 Chevys which both should appear in the film” Winter in The Blood“.

Ol’ Black ’63 Chevy

’63 Bel Air Chevy

The old green 52 Chevy was hauled from North Dakota and is in bad need of repair.

Ol’ green ’52 Chevy

The Blue pickup was my Dad’s and he bought it brand new.

Dad’s ’81 Chevy pickup

All are in need of something, some more than others. I call it my addiction, but at least I can remember what I bought the next day with this particular addiction. I tell people it is my gambling, drinking, eating and all the other addictions you can think of rolled into one. My neighbor used to call them my” Lawn Ornaments”, because there where several which only ran when I pulled them from one spot to the other to mow..

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