Old Dogs

I’ve had dogs since I can remember. When I was little my Dad would say we will make a good dog out of him, cut his tail off right behind his ears. Took quite awhile to figure that one out when I was young.

Cowboy with his dog, circa 1954

Whenever you would ask my Dad about how many friends he had he would always raise his index finger and point at the dog. I know how he feels some days, when everything and everyone seems far away or distant all I have to do is reach out my hand and there is a dog.

Old Sassy and a young Mookie

My, my I miss some of my old dogs. Old Mookie, a crippled up Peke, who could run faster than most little dogs on three legs. My dear old Chocolate Brownie who could walk all day with her little short Dachshund legs. She never required much attention, she was just happy to have a home after we got her from the vet. Someone had picked her up and left her there. Miss my old dog Sassy, she barked at every train, but no train ever came in the yard.

Old Mookie

My pretty old Chocolate

My son and his wife recently lost their beautiful Norwegian Elkhound, Cash. When we came to visit the old boy was so excited to see me he couldn’t contain himself.. Don’t know how bad you miss their company till they are gone.

(Johnny) Cash amongst the wild flowers


Thank you Lord for Old Dogs.
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