Pop’s Day

Thinking about my old Dad today. Since Fathers Day is the middle of summer we never had a big celebration. It was always right in the middle of summer work on the farm. Always something to do, whether it was pick rock, or summer fallow, tend to animals, not a lot of time to celebrate.

Grandpa with 2 happy Grandkids

My Dad never had his Dad around so he always said he didn’t know what to do as far as being a Dad went. I’m here to tell you Dad you did great. Funny how when you’re little you put them right up there with the Gods and then while you are a teen you only see their faults.

I know today that you were a fine human being and the best example you could be. It is because of you I learned that change is possible. I owe a lot to you my Friend. I miss you today and everyday.  Thanks Pop.

Youngest and Grandpa

Two for Rasslin’

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