September Morn

When I was little running naked in the house after a bath in an old tin tub or the old kitchen sink my Dad would yell” September Morn.” When I was older and my nephews and nieces would come to the house and do the same thing as 2 and 3 year old do my Dad would yell the same thing, “September Morn.” Typical of my Dad he never did explain this and when you would ask him about it he would ignore that and go onto some other subject.

The ol’ kitchen sink

Ol’ tin tub

This continued on to when I was a parent and my children would run around the house after their bath and I would replace my Dad and yell “September Morn” in their wake. My granddaughter performed in the same way a little bit ago. A few years ago I got more than curious about this saying so I typed it into a search. Sure enough the explanation was right there. A French painter by the name of Paul Emile Chabas painted a picture of a nude person around 1912. This painting apparently caused quite a sensation and a scandal especially in the good ol’ US of A when it was first displayed.

Mystery solved after all those years. Thank goodness for the internet, should have had it when I was young to understand the dozens of sayings my Dad came up with.

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