Splash – About

Welcome to Montana Musings! My name is Russell B. Crites and I am a lifelong Montanan who has never strayed too far or too long from the Hi-Line. I started this site in the hopes of repaying the gift I received when people took an interest in my life. I hope to give away some of the knowledge and help I’ve been given in my trek through life.

This site is like a buffet table – take what you can use in your life and if something doesn’t fit leave it for someone else. I have written poetry, a book, working on more books and as my family says I can talk non stop. My sincere hope is that you find something that maybe will make you smile, think, or go another day in this old world with a new perspective.

If you decide to spend some time here with me I certainly appreciate it. As my old dad used to say,” If you get up in the morning and your name ain’t in the obituaries it’s gonna be a good day!”