Another Pig Tale..

My friend Billy in Alabama says he loves a good pig story and so do I.

I worked on the old Railroad for 30 some years and one early morning at around 4am in the switch shanty the conversation went like this: Teddy C. my engineer says:

“Do any of you smart Rails know anything about castrating pigs?”

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A Good Deed is not Forgotten..

We had some characters on the Prairie when I was growing up. One in particular lived to the east and a little to the south of us. My Dad had been telling about this individual but apparently I hadn’t listened too well or had thought he was just pulling my leg. He was always telling me something to see how I would react, I think he didn’t want me to grow up believing everything someone said…

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Darn stinkin Sheep

Growing up on the farm I had all kinds of animals. I had rabbits, ducks, chickens, cows and calves, horses, dogs, cats, pigeons, and sadly sheep. I never liked sheep. I didn’t want them around and I hated the day my Dad decided he would bring sheep home to the farm. His favorite saying was, All day you smell their stinkin hides and at night you hear ’em bleat. Yep that about sums it up, still don’t understand why he brought them home. For those never around these smelly creatures here are a few facts learned a long time ago. First of all they have no gumption. When a ewe...

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Hogs and Chickens

Being raised 16 miles from the nearest town and with both of my parents being in their 40’s when I was born I learned from an older generation which I’m very grateful for. Two of my sisters were there when I was young, but since my parents worked all the time on our little farm/ranch and my sisters had their own things to do  I learned from an early age to entertain myself. My main playmates besides the dog and the outside cats were the pigs and the chickens. My favorite game with the pigs was this. I would hide behind a shed or a pig feeder and when the victims came along I...

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