Another Pig Tale..

My friend Billy in Alabama says he loves a good pig story and so do I.

I worked on the old Railroad for 30 some years and one early morning at around 4am in the switch shanty the conversation went like this: Teddy C. my engineer says:

“Do any of you smart Rails know anything about castrating pigs?”

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Another RR tale from the Greasy Spoon

One of my old Engineer Friends from Havre, Montana used to say all the time, “Good On You.” Oliver S. said he’d picked this up in the South Pacific during WWII from his Australian Friends while they were fighting the war together. He was a large and powerful man who everyone liked and respected. He always treated us younger “Rails” like equals not underlings. He was a great guy. One day in the old Johnnie CafĂ© in Glasgow, Montana we sat down to eat. The special that day was chipped beef on toast. As every soldier and Railroader knows this is also called sh#t on...

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