Book Signing at the Gildford Merc

The book signing went well in the old Gildford ┬ástore or merc .. The old store has stood here for as long as the town I imagine. Nice people the Hausers’ run the store now, Ted and Laura, good friends and good people.

We had a nice turnout. I explained that the book was based on a true incident, but the book is fictional. I’m just overwhelmed at the compliments and the interest this book has engendered.


Discussing the book with Bonnie Hanson

Discussing a few finer points with Bonnie Hanson

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  1. Slim says:

    A lot of good feedback and comments on this book. New book will be out soon..

  2. Slim says:

    New book is out of course and the book “The Long Awakening” is now in the Havre Public Library, working on other library’s to take the book. A great step forward. Thanks to everyone who helped with this.

  3. Montana Musings says:

    This book signing was quite awhile ago now.. I have 3 books out and the 4th is being sweated over and worked on and cursed at.. I will keep following the dream.. Thanks for all your support..

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