My son reminded me the other day when we where in Helena for a wedding about my dad and visiting. Whenever we went someplace to visit relatives or friends he would say,” It’s always nice to go, but it’s twicet as nice to come home.” No I did not spell the word twicet wrong that is the way he said it. If you tried to correct him, he ignored you and went on about his business.

His business apparently I’ve discovered after all these years was to make sure you were paying attention. He loved to scramble words and this always caught your attention. If some one had troubles he said they were having diffulgities, don’t know if that is a made up word or a German derivative of difficulties.  He would maybe end the conversation with quoting Edgar Allen Poe or Shakespeare. You just never knew, it was non-stop verbiage, he talked from morning to night. If nothing else entertained you he would dance a stiff legged jig called the cork leg. Sure miss you Dad, and I did listen..

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