What did you say? HUH?

I have written a little about my Grandma Light before, but one of her characteristics that really stood out was she was really hard of hearing.

My Grandma by her house in Gildford

She refused to use her hearing aids, didn’t put them in or just didn’t buy batteries. I know she was tighter than Dick’s hatband, so possibly it was the latter.

She always made you think she was hearing what you said, but sadly that wasn’t the case for the most part.

The best way to illustrate this was when an older lady friend came up to my Grandma Light one day and declared,

Mrs. So-in-So passed away last night.

The lady that had passed away was a dear mutual friend of both my Grandma and the speaker. My Grandma making believe she had heard and not wanting her friend to know any different said,

Isn’t that nice.

My mom who was present and heard it all perfectly quickly went to Grandma and making sure she heard what was going on trying to right the sinking ship. Grandma never missed a beat and just went on with the right amount of sympathy appropriate for the conversation as if nothing had happened.

Grandma Light's house

My Grandma Light’s house where I ate many cookies growing up!

No amount of coaxing and talking would get Grandma to wear the hearing aids or buy new ones. Well now that brings me to the point of this woeful tale. I’m afraid I’ve turned into my Grandma as I too cannot hear from too many loud noises and life in general.

I too assume what Mary Pat or my kids are saying and just go on with the conversation. Yes I’m too damn cheap to spend the $5,000.00 dollars to get a set. I used my Father-in-laws new set after he passed away for 2 days and decided there was just a helluva lot I didn’t want to hear..

Grandma I’m sorry I laughed about this story when my ma told me and I am your Grandson.. Who said being stubborn isn’t passed down..

Grandma Light laughing about something

Grandma Light laughing about something

I love you Minnie Light..

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