You gotta know the Lingo…

"Sunday Go To Meetin' Clothes"

My Grandpa J. R. Crites and his buddy in their “Sunday Go To Meetin’ Clothes”.

Montana has its own Lingo. For instance good clothes you don’t wear all that often are “Sunday go to meetin clothes”. My Dad was always going to put the white gloves on and go down to tote the old boy out and then plant him, when a funeral was going on.

He always said you never should feel bad when an old guy cashes in his chips, kicks the bucket or doesn’t show up at the feed trough.. He said you should be glad not sad the old boy is out of his misery.

My sister reminded me the other day about Dad when he couldn’t make a funeral he would say I don’t feel too bad about not going as the old boy isn’t gonna come to mine.

…I don’t feel too bad about not going as the old boy isn’t gonna come to mine.

The Railroad has its own lingo too..

  • Hoghead is the engineer
  • Gandy Dancer is a section laborer
  • Yard Bull is the Railroad Police
  • The Crummy was the Caboose
  • Being on the High Steel means all of the train was out of the siding on the Main Line
  • When the Ghost Walks or when the Eagle poops was pay day
  • Brakie was the Brakeman
  • Corn was the Conductor
  • The Old Rails, older than me, always talked about Tight Shoe Night which was Saturday Night and you wore the  shoes you never wore except on Saturday Night for dancing…
  • Many names for the upper echelon management, but all of them can’t be typed here account we are G rated.

My Uncle Don S. always had his own way of expressing himself.. One of my favorites was when you had money you were “Flush”. Money itself he referred to it as “Getus”.

A lot of other little things I’m forgetting and will add them when I think of them.. Any of you that have any feel free to add them. Thanks for spending a little time with me.

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